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We hope you enjoy browsing our website, where we try to show some of the magic of teaching your baby to swim, as well as giving you plenty of practical information on our swimming classes.

We are one of the original specialist providers of baby and toddler swimming lessons. Waterangels rebranded in December 2016 and was previously known as Aquababies Surrey which ran for over 5 years.

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Waterangels swimming lessons are strongly emphasised on having fun whilst teaching essential swimming skills and water safety. Our baby & toddler swimming classes are carefully designed and structured to allow for your child’s needs so that you and your little one enjoy the whole experience and gain the full benefits of baby swimming!

All of our venues are specially chosen to ensure that our lessons give you and your child the best experience possible. Our venues are either private pools which means we have sole exclusive use during our lessons or they are very quiet private member clubs. We pride ourselves on small personal classes with fully trained STA swimming teachers who are friendly and fun! Our pools are located in Tongham, Bagshot, Dorking and Tadworth. We are always on the lookout for new venues to expand in to the South of England. If you know of any swimming pools that maybe suitable we are always interested to hear about them!

During the swimming classes we encourage both parents to attend where possible but with only one parent in the water during the lesson. There is seating around the outsides of our pools where a family member is able to sit and watch. Over the years we have observed that this time spent by parents and children in the pool is a wonderful bonding experience and loads of fun as well. Parents will learn how to safely and easily help their child to feel at ease both above and below the water’s surface.


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